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What is securit glass ?

“Toughened” securit glass is originally ordinary heat-tempered glass, which cuts the glass to the required sizes before the tempering process.

How to manufacture securit glass

thermal processing
The stage of secretion or heat treatment is what works to change the properties of the glass, so it turns from a material easy to break into a material more solid than the normal glass can bear by a rate of 5-7 times the glass is heated to 700 degrees Celsius and then it is suddenly cooled to gain hardness and the securite glass becomes stronger 5 times that of raw glass, and securite glass is characterized by high heat resistance, which can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius.

The use of securit glass

- Securit glass is used in large commercial facades
- Shower cabins"
- Internal divisions for offices, companies, and residential units.
- Balconies and fencing gardens and swimming pools
- Glass doors and internal and external windows in (hotels, hospitals, embassies, airports, companies, shops, malls).

Corporate concept:

It is a production unit that produces as well as a unit and services, and the contracting mixes a set of production factors and the goal of this combination is to reach significant profits at the lowest cost and through the production process the company depends on labor and capital and the latter is divided into two parts: technical capital and financial capital
An enterprise is an organized organization that relies on heads and subordinates, and everyone is involved in the production process, and each of these elements has specific tasks: production management and shopping